Choosing Conference Venues – 7 Steps to Success

Your choice of conference venues can make or break both you and the company you represent.

Choose a conference venue that makes your guest speakers spark with energy, where the catering facilities and staff make your guests feel welcome and well fed and the special considerations are second to none, and you’re likely to get a gold star — or maybe a Christmas bonus would be more to your liking?

But, choose a conference venue that, well…sucks, and your reputation and possibly your job will go down the tube.

So, what are the main points to consider if you are called upon to select the perfect conference venue for your business or company? Let’s look at the ideal conference checklist.

1. Suitability

The conference venue you select needs to reflect your company’s culture and ethos. Is it professional and does it set the right tone for the topics under discussion?

Consider your target audience. Will they feel comfortable in the surroundings and does the venue promote an atmosphere where they will feel inspired and excited by what you will be offering them during the conference?

2. Size

Is the conference room a suitable size for the attendees? If the room is too large, your audience may feel swamped by the vacant space. If the area is too small the attendees will feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Are additional meeting rooms available for discussion groups?

Does the room’s layout make it easy to see and hear the speaker? Is the room well planned so that delegates can move around when necessary?

3. Location

Is the conference centre easily accessible for all those attending?

Does it have adequate parking facilities or links to airports etc?

If you have planned additional events or excursions, does the conference centre make it easy to arrive and exit?

4. Facilities

What facilities does the conference venue offer as part of the package and are they adequate?

Do the basic facilities meet all your needs? An overhead projector, electronic whiteboard, network connections for Powerpoint presentations should be included. A professional conference venue will also include stationery, WiFi connectivity, a water cooler or small refreshments area and a photocopy/fax service.

Is the conference centre well lit, well ventilated and temperature controlled?

Are the seats comfortable and well spaced? Don’t forget: the attendees may have to sit for long periods of time and an uncomfortable chair can result in disagreeable delegates.

Does the conference venue have facilities for disabled guests?

Are bathroom facilities handy to the conference room and easily accessible?

5. Cost

Is the cost for everything you will require to run a professional conference within your budget?

Are there additional, hidden costs for extras that have to be factored into the price? And do you believe you are getting value for money?

Can the price be negotiated or does the conference venue offer discounts?

How does the total price compare with similar conference venues at another location?

Is a deposit payable and if so, how much?

What is their policy on cancellations?

6. Catering

Does the conference venue offer a wide assortment of refreshments during breaks?

Is lunch and/or dinner included in the conference package, and if so, does the menu offer a number of choices?

Does the catering staff seem pleasant and willing to provide attendees with a great conference experience?

7. Attitude and Attention to Detail

As they say, “the devil is in the details” and you probably know from your own conference experiences that it’s the small things that can mean the difference between a mediocre conference and one that is memorable.

In most cases, you won’t know if most conference venues are going to live up to expectations until the actual conference is under way. So it’s important to ensure that every possible factor you can think of has been discussed and organised beforehand.

The attitude of staff at the conference centre will give you a clue as to how you believe they will operate during the conference. If the staff is eager to offer advice and assistance and willing to go that extra mile to ensure your conference goes off with a bang, you know you’re on to a good thing, so go with it!

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Conference Organisers Take the Hassle Out of Organising a Perfect Event

Book a venue, send out a few invites, draft a programme and arrange for a speaker to turn up on the day. If only organising a conference was really that simple… In practice, even small conferences can involve hundreds of individual tasks – all of which must be completed on-time and within budget for a successful event. Planning even a modest conference can easily equate to a full-time job – and many of the skills involved are specialist ones. That’s why, when faced with the challenge of arranging conferences, many managers turn to professional conference organisers to remove the hassle and complexity of conference organisation.

The benefits from hiring conference organisers

Appointing conference organisers can bring several important benefits:

  • Increased return on investment from your conference.
  • It frees your time for other business activities.
  • You can get better results with conference organisers.
  • Enjoy priceless peace of mind knowing your conference is in professional hands.
  • A successful conference boosts your reputation.

What services do professional conference organisers offer?An experienced organiser should be able to handle all aspects of a conference – from delegate invites to post conference analysis. All you need to do is brief them and they’ll do the rest. In some cases the organiser is also a venue operator. This can be a great help as it makes integration of the event organisation and the venue even smoother. Conference organisation services are typically grouped as follows:

  • Conference and event organisation and marketing
  • Delegate management
  • Speaker management
  • Finance management
  • Venue management

A smaller conference organiser may try to handle all these services with limited resource – maybe just the proprietor and a couple of assistants. Major companies, however, will have a multi-skilled team of qualified specialists (including Event Management graduates) who can be assigned to your project.How to use your conference organiser

A good conference organisation business will offer a range of services from which you can mix and match specific support depending on your needs. Maybe you only need help with sourcing a keynote speaker? Or perhaps you want to unload the whole conference process onto your supplier? Either way, an adaptable conference event management firm will tailor a bespoke solution just for you – taking away the stress and strain of conference management, delivering a professional event and building your reputation as a conference organiser.

As with so many business services, finding experienced conference organisers often begins on the internet. A simple web search will quickly throw up a plethora of conference businesses. Then it’s a matter of shortlisting potential suppliers, visiting them, assessing their suitability and appointing the one that’s best for your needs. With a little care, you’ll find yourself a conference partner who will add enormous value to your business, deliver a wonderful event and enhance your reputation. Everything, in fact, that you could hope for from your next conference

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Conference Facilities – Making Conferences Successful

Conferences require availability of different facilities in order to achieve their goals successfully. The success of the conference greatly depends on the selection of venue and the venue influences the conference based on availability of facilities. The particular arrangements of the conference make the conference effective.

The venues having luxurious rooms, advanced technological facilities, and equipment are best to select for organizing a conference. The easy access to the venue is also very necessary because it increases the level of participation. Some people cannot spend the whole day for attending the conference so the facility of Wi-Fi is a great concern for them who work online.

The services of conference staff also hold great significance because the services offered by staff make it possible to attain the maximum out of conference. In large conferences, the attendees of the conference feel lost and cannot get benefit of the conference. In these kinds of situations, the availability of cooperative staff is a blessing because they guide people and direct them for different activities. The staff can assist you during the conference as well as after that.

Generally, the facilities required by a conference depend on the type of conference because different types of presentations demand for different facilities. The business conferences require multimedia, projectors, flip charts, electronic devices, sound system, and lots more. Businesspersons need to present new information sometimes, so they require multimedia facilities for this purpose. Availability of computers, internet, photocopier, fax machine, and other audio/video equipment is also required by the conferences.

The facility of separate meeting rooms is also helpful for making the presentation successful because more comfortable and peaceful environment increases the chances of conveying the point of views to others effectively. Video conferencing is another advantageous feature mostly required by the conference holders.

Catering facility is also provided to the participants, and the availability of mini bar in some conference venues is also very good option. If foreigners are invited to attend the conference, then the food offered at the conference includes the choice of all the attendees of conference.

Sometimes, the meetings call for national as well as international participants, so they want the facility of accommodation. The availability of accommodation encourages maximum participation, because the participants will not be worried about their accommodation. Mostly, there is a huge car parking area at the conference venues where enough space is available for car parking.

The conference venues are usually air-conditioned, so they provide the best environment that fosters learning and ideas can be shared effectively. The seating arrangement at different presentation venues is also very important, and different types of presentations require different seating arrangement. People can change their seating arrangement according to their needs of the meeting. Most of the gathering venues offer special services to meet the needs of disable people. The availability of lifts, wheel chairs, and hearing equipments for the special people makes sure that everybody will achieve the goals of the conference.

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