Creating Your Own Bobblehead

A bobblehead,otherwise known as a robber or nodder,is basically a plastic collectible model. Its head usually resembles that of an animated cartoon character and is often larger than its real body. Rather than a solid attachment,its head is usually connected to the body via a hook or spring,in a way that an electric current will cause the head to wobble. In order for you to create one yourself,there are two methods available:

You can cut your bobblehead in half and place it on a stand,or you can make a mold of it and make a head that will fit into the base and have holes in it at the top to hold the bobblehead’s head and the base of the bobblehead to stick together. The downside to this method is that the base must be in good condition,because once the head has been attached to the base,it cannot be taken apart. If the base is not in good condition,then your bobblehead will look like a jigsaw puzzle. This is especially true if the bobblehead is made with a lot of detail. However,if you are lucky,then you may find a good,unused bobblehead in your child’s toy box.

Bobbles can be made from many materials,including vinyl,paper,wood,and even paperboard. Bobbleheads can come in a number of different sizes. A common size of bobblehead is six inches in height and is usually accompanied by a small ball that is used to make the head bobble. Bobbleheads are very collectable and many companies offer bobblehead manufacturers’ licenses,which allows you to create your own collectable bobblehead and sell them online or at conventions.

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