How to Tell You Need an Attorney for an Auto Wreck

How to Tell You Need an Attorney for an Auto Wreck

How do you know you need an attorney for an auto accident? The best way to determine whether you need a lawyer is your driving history. If you have a past checkered with driving accidents, you may need better representation than just your word for what happened. Getting a lawyer is one way to express your sincerity in believing you were wronged in the accident.

Questionable Fault Accidents

The insurers are put on notice immediately following the wreck. The details of the accident will be closely examined and evaluated. The at-fault driver will be identified by either your lawyer’s investigator or the insurance company’s investigator. Hiring a lawyer gives credence to your belief that you were in the right.

Front-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are almost always determined to be the fault of the rear-ending driver. Sometimes, however, they are the rear-ended driver’s fault. In such instances where the fault is questionable, it’s good to hire a lawyer, especially when the damage is excessive. Front-end collisions often require a lawyer, and collisions with 18-wheelers that result in extreme damage always demand a lawyer.

Accidents with Big Trucks

Handling large claims is the sole domain of lawyers. No individual should expect to walk away compensated with hundreds of thousands of dollars from an accident claim. If you believe your case demands that kind of settlement, do not attempt to proceed without legal representation.

Serious Injuries

If you have sustained a serious injury and will endure complications for decades, you should definitely get an attorney to represent your case. Your attorney must state your case and the compensation needed to provide for your needs. He or she must also gather records and statements from medical experts who use very specific medical terms related to the seriousness of your injuries and the care needed.

What You Lose When You are Injured in an Accident

Will your injuries prevent you from working? How long will you be unable to work? Does it prevent you from performing your family duties? How long will you be out of work? How long will you be in a cast, if you broke a limb? It is the job of your attorney to make sure you are indemnified for all you losses. An attorney is qualified to present your case, revealing all the damages you incurred as a result of the accident.

The best way to know if you need an attorney is to evaluate the potential for the case. If you were injured significantly, hire an attorney. If you were in an accident where you lost wages, were injured significantly and lost property, you may need an attorney if you hope to be fully compensated for every loss.

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